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We’ll Get Our Money Back – Someday

A couple of weeks ago, my son came home with a Field Trip Permission Slip to go to Bowling Alley.

(Not educational at all – but it was to celebrate the graduation of 8th grade. Hip Hip Hooray!)

The cost was $25. We paid.

2 days ago, we received a phone call from the school. For whatever reason, that field trip had been cancelled and the students are now going to ASU instead.

Everyone will get a refund, minus the $6 it costs for transportation per student.


They are sorry for the inconvience, but refunds have to be processed through the school system – so everyone will a get a check in the mail – sometime within the next 4-6 weeks.

Government at work, everyone. Government at work.

*As a side note, I found out this year that if you miscalculate your IRS tax deductions throughout the year and end up owing the IRS, they penalize you. Really unrelated, but I just wanted to say I think that is bullocks. BULLOCKS.


Household Help

Today, while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw this interesting question posed:

“Working moms and dads…do you outsource help in cleaning your house? A maid, housekeeper, etc? I don’t need recs…just looking for some argumentative data. If yes, how often and how much do you pay for what services? PM if you don’t want to comment. Thanks!”

To my surprise, there were a LOT of people who “outsourced” the cleaning of their homes.

My answer?

I have three people to help with the housework: they are called my children!!! They are more than capable of sweeping, mopping, dishes, helping take the trash out, laundry, and bringing groceries in. They get rewarded with not living in a filthy cess pool and learning valuable life skills they will need when they move out! (Even when they were younger and I was Active Duty I didn’t need a housekeeper – just pick up after yourself, have a routine and teach the kids how to help (cause they WANT to help!) and it seemed to work great!)

Now, maybe I am just a horrible mother who inflects pesky chores on her children which will lead them to crazy amounts of therapy later in life. Maybe I am just a lazy mother.

But I do believe that there are certain life skills that children should know before they are adults, which includes how to run a household. These things, in my opinion shouldn’t be tied to allowances, either. Children live in the home and should take part of maintaining it. The last thing I want is to be doing my children’s laundry when they are all moved out because they have no idea how to do it themselves. And although styrofoam plates are oh-so-fancy, I want them to be able to actually use a set of real plates more than once. Not only is it cheaper – so much better for the environment!

So – what is your answer? Do you “outsource” housework? If so, why? Is it too many extracurricular activities? If you do – how often do you get help and what services do they offer? (Baseboards, ceiling fans, soaking tubs… cause if they do soaking tubs I may need to get one cause no one in my house seems to know how to properly clean a soaking tub!)





So, my youngest child is currently taking her Growth and Development course in school right now.

You know, when they separate the boys and girls into different classrooms and explain to them what is happening to their bodies (and to the bodies of the opposite sex?).

When I got home yesterday, I was interested in hearing what she “learned” about herself. (We are pretty open about all that kind of stuff – but we don’t have medical degrees so our method is more “practical”, shall we say?)

Did you know that women have periods because a cell goes down a flowertube and if the boy’s cell isn’t there, the girl’s cell just keeps moving down, rubbing against a wall until it decides to exit?

Yes. That is exactly what she told me.


This is my new favorite word that I will have to fit into a conversation everyday!

In other news – I have decided to move my stamping to its very own blog! Sorry if this confuses anyone – but I find it is hard to write about family stuff AND stamping stuff in the same space (it gets confusing, doesn’t it? Hey you bullies, oh! Here is a beautiful card!) So if you are interested in the stamping stuff, it can be found over at www.stampingwithkatie.com. I will also put a nifty link in the navigation bar. Yay!

Now, stampingwithkatie is a bit bare right now, as I am currently starting to move stuff over, but it will be a much better place to showcase craftiness and keep this place more about my family and life in general. (Take that, writers block!)



CARD: Mother’s Day Card

Do you need a Mother’s Day Card?

Here is a sample of what you can do with the “My Mother” and Petite Petals Stamp Sets!

Mother's Day Card  Such a sweet and simple card – but completely adorable and totally something you can make for YOUR mother! (And let’s face it – Mother’s LOVE hand-made things from their children!)

Item list below – these stamp sets come in both Wood Mount and Clear Mount options!!!

Remember, Mother’s Day is May 11th – so hurry on over and get the supplies you need to give your mother a hand-made card that she will cherish forever!



CARD: Hello There!

Hello There Card

Hello There Card I absolutely adore this simple Hello There card featuring Timeless Talk Stamp Set! My daughter asked me “What is that?” regarding the phone – she just couldn’t believe that phone used to be big bulky machines that were attached to the wall or sat on a table. The children of today are totally missing out on dragging the 80 foot phone cord around the house with them…..

What is your favorite “old phone” memory?

Better yet – how many phone numbers from your youth do you still remember (outside of your parents?) I distinctly remember 3! 832-1839, 834-0874 and 737-2337!!!



CARD: Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day

Did you know that today was Administrative Professionals Day? I almost missed it, but before I went to bed last night, I looked at the calendar posted on my fridge and realized that I was gonna miss a BIG day for my assistant.

Being a card-maker, I NEED to find reasons to give cards away. I mean, sure, everyone loves getting cards just because, but when there is an actual day to give a card of thanks, I really should. (Note to self: DON’T MISS MOTHER’S DAY!) So off to my craftbook room to make a card for my assistant for Administrative Professionals Day!

Administrative Professionals Day

I really do love making cards for her. She is such a caring person and is there for me every.single.day. Not just with work things – but for everything! She is making me healthier by sharing her carrots with me.

She is helping me fight fat by having me do squats every hour at work (although I swear I only did the squats cause she was in a squat challenge and she needed someone to keep her accountable :) )

When my AC went out last summer at the rental house, she graciously invited me, the girls and the Wiggles to crash at her house.

When I went home to visit my mom, not only did she watch Wiggles for me – she also brought me to the airport and had her husband pick me up so I wouldn’t have to pay for PARKING!

She keeps me on track (mostly) at the office and reminds me of all the things I need to do.

She does all the things I really just don’t feel like doing.

She is an amazing friend, a wonderful mother and a loving wife.

And she is an amazing Administrative Professional! She makes my job easier and for that I am eternally grateful.

Heck, she even screened a call from my mother today. (Shout out to MOM! :) )

So, I wanted to give her a card to say THANKS!

But really, Thank you Mrs.FitRewards! You are an amazing person and I couldn’t be luckier for having you walk into my life (literally). You are a joy and an inspiration and I love you.

Even if sometimes I am grumpy. :)

(Products used to make the above card)


To the Bullies

To the children who were trying as hard as they could this afternoon to “prank” my youngest daughter – your bullying has been noted. For the Bullies: A Parent's letter

At first, I thought it was typical 6th grade drama – something to discuss with my child but nothing to get all up in arms about.

As the situation become more clear I saw you for exactly what you are: bullies.

When I took her iPod and let all of you texting her know that you were talking to her Mother – as I had taken over the iPod – some of you did the only correct thing in a 12 year old mine; stayed silent.

Some of you apologized, showing a higher level of understanding than I would expect from a 12 year old.

But those of you who thought you could talk to me like you were a grown person?

Not cool.

Not cool at all.

Luckily, my 15 year old daughter’s cooler head prevailed in my responses to you – because it was hard for me to remember that I was talking to 12 year wanna-be grown ups.

But don’t worry. I realized VERY quickly that you were bullies. So did my husband.

And while we don’t have your parent’s phone numbers to let them know about your behavior, we DO know how to go talk to the Principal.

And how to email the teachers. (Which has already happened. Oops)

So, you can keep texting my daughters iPod all night long, trying to change my mind and telling me its no big deal.

You will see what kind of deal it is tomorrow when my husband goes to school.

You will see what kind of deal it is when my 15 year old goes to walk her baby sister home.

You will see what kind of deal it is when my almost 6 foot tall son is right there with them.

You see, in this family, the only people allowed to pick on the baby are her sibling.

You see, in this family, we are never alone.

You see, in this family, we actually talk to each other about things that are happening.


And a special note, for the person who told my daughter that tomorrow was rape day. For the one who after I told them that was not appropriate and to stop talking to my daughter that you had sex with her and that it was oh-so-good and asked me what to do with the naked pictures you have of her (which was stated to get me worked up) – there is a special place reserved for you in my heart. Your texts have been sent to the authorities. As you said, you are 14. Your actions ARE criminal. I hope you learn how to be a decent human being. But if you don’t, I am pretty certain that your new home isn’t going to have WiFi and iPods or cell phones or computers.

So. How have you dealt with bullying and your children?



Graduation Wishes

Graduation Wishes  Since graduation time is right around the corner, this week our tutorial is how to make a Graduation Wishes card!

“Live the Life You’ve Imagined” is a great wish for all our newly graduated friends and family members – whether it is High School or University – this Graduation Wishes card is simple enough to recreate without difficulty but refined enough to give the best advice possible – to never settle for what comes your way but to live life to the fullest!

Get your Graduation Wishes tutorial!!!

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