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My friend Virginia and I were talking the other day about the Pinterest Inadequacy Syndrome.

All the beautiful houses, picture walls, kitchens, food, yards, living rooms…. it can make one mad with envy!!!

Pinterest Inadequacy Syndrome

I am not what anyone would call a “foodie”. I peek on Pinterest and see all these wonderful photos of food and think to myself that the recipes I use for my family NEVER look that amazing. I must be a horrible mother and wife.

I peek on Pinterest and see other peoples homes – and then look at my own unfinished home and cringe. Why isn’t it complete yet? Damnit! We have moved into our house in October!

I peek on Pinterest and see other people’s mad photography skills and then look at my pitiful photos and wonder when I forgot my photography lessons from a former President of the ASMP.

Pinterest peeking can make me feel like I am a total failure in life – even when it is meant to inspire.

It shouldn’t be a contest.

But damn it feels like one.

It feels like everyone else is doing things better. Everyone else is more organized, crafty, design savvy and certainly better chefs and bakers.

So, as I am getting ready for the birthday party, I wondered if there were enough decorations? Is it staged correctly? What are people going to think of my house?

Should I even let people into my house?

Anxiety attacks commence!

Then something magical happened.

Right after my daughter blew out the candles on her cake, one of her friends looked me straight in the eye and with a sense of certainty only a 12 year old can have, exclaimed, ” You have a PINTEREST HOUSE!”

It’s all about perspective.

And looking at my house through her eyes, the perspective is pretty awesome.

I am sure I will look at Pinterest in the future and feel envious of all the pretty pictures. I just have to remember that those pretty pictures don’t make my home.

My family does.



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  • Rebeccafaith April 14, 2014, 12:25 pm

    This is how I feel too! I see pinterest and I see how crappy my skills are. My cooking skills, photo skills, craft skills, all skills! In fact, I don’t even have skills! But I shouldn’t be surprised because before pinterest, there was my mom. She is such a freaking overachiever. Holidays? She’s decked the house out to the 9. Dinners? She doesn’t even TRY and she makes it delicious and presentable. But oh well, I suppose if I cared a little more about each detail I could be a worthy contender. But I’m too lazy, mellow, and laid back to do the work needed for such aesthetic perfection, nor will I/do I make the time for it. I like your conclusion :]
    Rebeccafaith recently posted…I’M the Baby!My Profile

    • MommaO April 14, 2014, 5:57 pm

      When it comes to the food – I am most definitely too lazy, mellow and laid back to do the work needed for such perfection! :) Some other things, I could probably do if I would get off my rear end… and if I had a disposable bank account. One of those two things aren’t happening anytime soon….. :)

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